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Beyond the Mix-In: Baked Bars 

The world of baked bars is vast, offering endless possibilities for flavor, texture, nutrition, and eating occasion. But for food scientists and product developers, crafting the perfect bar presents a unique set of challenges. From achieving optimal binding and texture to ensuring shelf life and mouthfeel, success hinges on overcoming these formulation hurdles.

The Bar is High: Creating The Ideal Snack

Texture Symphony: Balancing a cohesive bar with a desirable textural experience is key. With too little structure, a bar can be crumbly and disintegrate in shipping while too much structure can create a rock hard or unpleasantly chewy bar.

Optimized hydrocolloid blends create a gel network, promoting binding and cohesion between ingredients. Thereby preventing the bar from falling apart yet creating a consistent texture throughout to ensure a pleasant eating experience. 

Moisture Management: Striking that 'just-right' balance between moisture content and bar integrity is crucial. Excess moisture leads to a soft, sticky bar, while a formula that is too dry compromises mouthfeel and shelf life.

Hydrocolloids act as water binders, delaying moisture migration and preserving a desirable bar texture over time. This translates to extended shelf life and keeps the bar in the perfect balance between too dry and too moist. 


Nutritional Optimization: Integrating desired levels of protein, fiber, and other nutrients while maintaining palatability is a complex task.

Some hydrocolloids can contribute valuable fiber content without compromising texture or mouthfeel. They also offer bulking properties, which allows for the incorporation of higher protein levels without compromising bar integrity.

The strength of hydrocolloids lies in their versatility. The smallest change in usage levels can have exponential impact on the end product. By leveraging the blended systems from GPI that have been tried and tested, formulators can expand benefits beyond taste and texture.

  • Sugar-Reduced Bars: The bulking properties of sugar can be replaced with hydrocolloid blends to enable reduced-sugar front of label claims while maintaining bar integrity and mouthfeel.

  • Clean-Label Appeal: Many hydrocolloids are derived from tree saps, seeds and seaweeds-- aligning these natural and functional ingredients with clean-label acceptability. 

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Download prototype recipes here!

Ube Oat Milk

Low fat, vegan beverage with rich, creamy mouthfeel.

Hover Card_Ube Oat Milk
Plant-Based Pepperoni

Vegan pepperoni with a firm, meaty texture, and satisfyingly snappy bite.

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70% Extension Hot Dog

High extension, emulsified protein products with excellent texture.

Hover Card_70  extension hot dog
100% Extension Ham

Restructured, sliceable meat that firmly holds together without compromising texture.

Hover Card_100  extension restructured ham

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