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Ensure the safety and longevity of your meat products by providing effective protection against harmful pathogens. With elegant solutions that are free of E numbers, instill consumer trust and watch your profits grow.

Safeguarding Meat Products with Antimicrobial Solutions

In the realm of meat product development, one of the greatest challenges is the constant battle against pathogens. These microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi, pose significant threats to food safety, from farm to fork. Antimicrobial solutions play a crucial role in combating these risks, enhancing food safety, and extending the shelf life of meat products.

At every stage of production, meat products are susceptible to contamination, whether from animal sources, improper handling practices, or inadequate storage conditions. This heightened risk underscores the importance of implementing effective antimicrobial solutions to mitigate potential hazards and ensure consumer safety.

Antimicrobial solutions act as a barrier against microbial contamination, inhibiting the growth and proliferation of harmful pathogens. By safeguarding meat products throughout the supply chain, these solutions not only reduce the risk of foodborne illness but also preserve product integrity and consumer confidence.

Moreover, antimicrobial solutions contribute to improving product quality by minimizing spoilage-causing microbes and preserving the freshness, flavor, color and texture of meat products. Their application ensures that meat products meet consumer expectations for taste, appearance, and safety.

However, it's crucial to select and evaluate antimicrobial agents carefully, considering factors such as efficacy, safety, regulatory compliance, and consumer acceptance. Proper application methods and dosage levels must also be established to achieve optimal results without compromising product quality or safety.

Antimicrobial solutions are indispensable tools in meat product development, enhancing food safety and consumer confidence. By effectively combating pathogens and preserving product quality, these solutions play a critical role in ensuring the integrity and safety of meat products in the food industry.



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GPI 101i Reduced Fat Mayo
GPI 101i

Create mayo with 50% less fat but tastes just as good as the real thing,

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Gluten Free Pizza Crust
GPI GF Pizza Crust

Say hello to a mouthful of chewy goodness and crispy perfection...minus the gluten.

GPI 315 Gelatin free panna cotta
GPI 315

Replace gelatin in flans and puddings with a melt-in-your-mouth velvety, creamy texture.

GPI PB  1300 Plant based cream cheese
GPI PB 1300

Whip up vegan cream cheese that's not only  delectable but spreadable.  

GPI GX 130-1 Ube oatmilk
GPI GX 130-1

Stabilize particulates and create a creamy, yet clean, mouthfeel. 

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