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Stabilization from Sauces to Shakes

Prevent separation, control syneresis & suspend particulates in style.

Stabilizers: The Secret Agents Keeping Your Food in Line!


Stabilizers play a crucial role in both food and beverage production by enhancing texture, consistency, and shelf life. As essential contributors to the quality and overall enjoyment of a wide range of food and beverage products, GPI's stabilizer blends tackle the toughest challenges in one optimized solution. 

Emulsion Stability:

The right combination of stabilizers can prevent separation between ingredients that don't naturally mix, like oil and water. A stable emulsion creates smooth textures in salad dressings, mayonnaise, sauces, and even some beverages like plant-based milks. 

Suspension Stability:

Stabilizers ensure insoluble ingredients are evenly distributed throughout your product and prevent those ingredients from settling by suspending vitamins, seasonings and inclusions throughout beverages, yogurts, jams and jellies. 


Whether you are looking to create a soft, fluid gel or a brittle, solid gel, stabilizer blends can help marry the texture and stability requirements for various applications. By controlling the viscosity and  and texture of these products, ensuring they hold their shape and have a pleasant mouthfeel.

Crystallization Control:

Stabilizers can help prevent the formation of large ice crystals in frozen foods like ice cream or sorbet. This maintains a smooth texture and prevents a grainy or icy experience. 

Freeze-Thaw Stability:

Some foods undergo freezing and thawing during storage or transportation. Stabilizers  help maintain texture after these fluctuations, preventing them from becoming watery or mushy upon thawing.

Whipping and Foaming:

Stabilizers can help whipped cream and mousses maintain their airy texture and prevent collapsing. They also play a role in some beverages like beers to create and maintain a stable head of foam.



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