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How do Hydrocolloids Help Texture?

Hydrocolloids, often referred to as gums, are the unsung heroes behind the scenes of your favorite foods. From creamy ice creams to velvety sauces and perfectly textured baked goods, hydrocolloids play a pivotal role in crafting the texture that defines our culinary experiences.

There are many factors that impact texture and GPI is your secret weapon to tackle even the most complex texture goals. From ideation to production and single ingredients to custom blends -- our food scientists are dedicated to unveiling the perfect functional solution for your formulation and with you every step in your development journey. 

Texture Goals

To meet consumer's preferences and expectations, food developers must consider all aspects of texture such as mouthfeel, viscosity, chewiness, crispiness, and overall sensory experience. Knowing if you are seeking a texture like "creamy" peanut butter requires different solutions than achieving a texture like "creamy" yogurt.

Texture is intricately linked to product functionality, shelf stability, and even marketing appeal. Continuous feedback loops, sensory testing, and consumer insights further refine texture goals throughout the product development journey, ensuring that the final product delivers a truly delightful eating experience.

Breaking down these detailed differences can shorten development time significantly. With our texture experts guiding you through the detailed nuances these impactful ingredients have on texture, you can save time and get your product to market faster.

Ingredient Replacement

With increasing demand for healthier alternatives, food manufacturers often face the challenges of reducing fat, removing sugar and omitting other functional ingredients that have fallen out of favor with consumers...all without compromising texture.

The right selection of hydrocolloids can build back the textures that are lost with the removal of many ingredients. By mimicking the mouthfeel of fats, building back gluten structures, and replicating the rounded fullness of sugar, development hurdles can be easily and efficiently overcome.

Label Requirements

Many hydrocolloids, derived from natural sources like seaweed, seeds, fermentation, and plants, offer clean label solutions without compromising on texture performance. By binding water molecules and forming a gel-like matrix , they enhance structural integrity, and yield products with superior bite, juiciness, and mouthfeel.





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