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GET READYYY TO CRUMBLE! Mix innovation and indulgence and let our team of bakery scientists help you tackle the toughest challenges when creating these delectable treats.

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Turn Dough into Delicious Dollars

Uncover Cookie Creation Secrets

Are you a striving to craft the perfect cookie that not only tastes divine but also boasts exceptional texture and shelf life? You're not alone. Creating innovative cookie products comes with its fair share of challenges

Texture Mastery

Achieving the ideal texture in cookies can be elusive. Whether it's crispy, chewy, or soft-baked, maintaining consistency across batches while meeting consumer preferences is a tall order.

Hydrocolloids such as xanthan gum, guar gum, and cellulose gum play a pivotal role in texture manipulation. By controlling water retention and binding properties, they help achieve the desired chewiness, crispness, or softness in cookies. Moreover, they provide structure and stability, ensuring uniform texture throughout the product lifecycle.

Extended Shelf Life

Preserving freshness and extending shelf life without resorting to artificial additives remains a significant hurdle. Consumers increasingly demand clean label products, necessitating innovative solutions that don't compromise on quality or taste.

Hydrocolloids act as moisture regulators with hydrophilic properties, allowing them to bind with water molecules and form gels or viscous solutions. This prevents moisture migration and maintains optimal water activity, keeping staleness at bay and ensuring optimal texture over time.

Hydrocolloid blends offer natural alternatives to many not-so-label-friendly ingredients. Combining different hydrocolloids in precise ratios enables synergistic effects, enhancing texture, stability, and shelf life while reducing the reliance on artificial additives. Developers can now create wholesome cookies with clean labels, meeting expectations of discerning consumers.


GPI's calculated hydrocolloid blends empower product developers to overcome the inherent challenges of cookie development. By leveraging their versatility and functionality, you can embark on a journey to create cookie innovations that captivate consumers' palates and elevate their snacking experience. Welcome to a new era of cookie perfection!

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Download prototype recipes here!

Ube Oat Milk

Low fat, vegan beverage with rich, creamy mouthfeel.

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Plant-Based Pepperoni

Vegan pepperoni with a firm, meaty texture, and satisfyingly snappy bite.

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70% Extension Hot Dog

High extension, emulsified protein products with excellent texture.

Hover Card_70  extension hot dog
100% Extension Ham

Restructured, sliceable meat that firmly holds together without compromising texture.

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