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Expand your meat product potential with our versatile extender ingredients, engineered to optimize texture, juiciness, and cost-effectiveness in formulations.


Beef up Your Products: 

Leveraging Hydrocolloid-Based Extenders

Developing superior meat products presents challenges like high costs, achieving ideal texture and consistency, and enhancing nutritional value while maintaining taste. Additionally, sustainability practices are crucial to reduce the environmental impact of meat production. Cost-effective solutions are essential to address these concerns without compromising quality.

The Necessity of Meat Extenders

Meat extenders are indispensable in addressing development challenges. They offer numerous benefits including:

Cost Reduction: Extenders help lower the overall cost of meat products by replacing a portion of the meat with more affordable ingredients.

Improved Texture and Moisture Retention: Extenders enhance the texture and juiciness of meat products, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable eating experience.

Nutritional Enhancement: They can be used to increase the fiber content and reduce the fat content of meat products, meeting consumer demand for healthier options.

Sustainability: By incorporating extenders, you can reduce the meat content, thereby decreasing the environmental footprint of meat production.


Hydrocolloids: The Superior Solution for Meat Extenders

Hydrocolloids and hydrocolloid blends are at the forefront of meat extender technology. These complex carbohydrates form gels when dispersed in water, making them ideal for improving meat products. Here's why they are the preferred choice:

Versatility: Hydrocolloids can be used in a wide range of meat products, from sausages and burgers to meatballs and nuggets.

Texture Optimization: They enhance the texture, providing a tender and juicy bite that mimics high-quality meat products.

Moisture Retention: Hydrocolloids excel in moisture retention, ensuring that meat products remain succulent throughout their shelf life and on consumers' plates.

Nutritional Benefits: They can be used to create low-fat and high-fiber meat products, catering to health-conscious consumers.

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So Which Hydrocolloids do What?

Hydrocolloids are powerful ingredients with various functional power. Leveraging blends that are optimized to specifically target your product's texture and cost goals opens growth potential throughout the market.

Carrageenan: Excellent for gel formation and moisture retention.

Xanthan Gum: Provides stability and improves texture.

Guar Gum: Enhances viscosity and water-binding properties.

Agar: Ideal for creating firm gels and improving mouthfeel.


Why Choose Our Hydrocolloid Blends?

Our proprietary hydrocolloid blends are specifically formulated to meet the rigorous demands of meat product development. With our solutions, you can expect:

Enhanced Product Quality: Achieve superior texture, flavor, and mouthfeel that set your products apart.

Cost Efficiency: Significantly reduce production costs without sacrificing quality.

Customizable Solutions: Tailor our hydrocolloid blends to meet the specific needs of your meat products.

Sustainability: Contribute to a more sustainable food system by reducing the meat content in your products.

Join the forefront of meat product innovation by incorporating our advanced hydrocolloid blends into your production process. Our food science experts are dedicated to helping you and your team overcome development challenges and achieve unparalleled product quality.

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Download prototype recipes here!

Whole Chicken Injection

Extend yields in phosphate-free raw whole chicken while improving post cook juiciness and succulence.

Hover Cards_323x300_Injected Chicken
Plant-Based Pepperoni

Vegan pepperoni with a firm, meaty texture, and satisfyingly snappy bite.

Hover Cards_323x300
70% Extension Hot Dog

High extension, emulsified protein products with excellent texture.

Hover Card_70  extension hot dog
100% Extension Ham

Restructured, sliceable meat that firmly holds together without compromising texture.

Hover Card_100  extension restructured ham

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